Merchandise Guide

Cremation Urns

There are many options for families selecting cremation. A full service funeral has quickly become a comforting choice for many cremation families. This includes a visitation, funeral service, casket and a full memorial tribute. We offer 4 categories of cremation urns to compliment the wide range of available options for the final resting place of your loved one's cremated remains.

You may wish to create the perfect final memorial by placing the cremated remains of your loved one in an urn to be buried, placed in a glass front niche or a marble front closed niche. There are a variety of urns in the Niche/Burial Urn category. Other options include Decorative Urns to be placed in a special place in the home or office. There are also keepsake urns in the Specialty Urn category which allow for smaller portions of the cremated remains to be shared among siblings or close family members. We also offer a full line of cremation jewelry to place very small portions of your loved one's cremated remains inside a piece of jewelry to be worn and kept close to your heart. When discovering the many options for cremation families, be sure to explore our wide variety of memorial options to pay tribute to your loved one.