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Our Military Services

We are honored to provide the final services for those who have courageously served our country.

It is our goal to make sure that these special men and women receive the proper honor and respect that is due to each one of them.

Not only do we assist in arranging the military honors at the service and/or interment at a National Cemetery, but we also aid the veteran’s family in:

  • Selecting the proper tributes that fit within their budget
  • Informing and assisting the family in claiming any death benefits that the veteran is entitled to
  • Initiating record searches if the family does not have a honorable discharge (DD-214) or certificate

One of many special tributes we offer to our veterans is the option of a Military casket with a branch specific emblem. The interior of the casket is made to emulate the material of the dress uniforms that our service men and women wear every day.

Military Special Tributes

We specialize in a variety of affordable packages which are designed to pay honor and tribute to your loved one

Military Honor Guard Presentation

Freedom Military Casket

Patriot Military Casket