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Posted on November 27, 2019 by jhcadm

Introducing You to the New James H. Cole Website

The James H. Cole Home for Funerals website has recently undergone a redesign, and we’re really excited about it. Our goal was to make information more accessible and easier to find during your time of need. We know that losing a loved one can be very difficult, that’s why we’re doing everything in our power to make the process easier for you and your family.

In order to eliminate any confusion that may surface due to the change in our site’s layout, we’re here to give you a quick introductory tour.

Our New Homepage

As you begin to scroll down the homepage of our site, you will notice that you can search for a specific funeral service by selecting the search bar next to “Find a Loved One.” A dropdown menu will open up, allowing you to scroll through all current services listed on the Book of Memories™ portal. You can also access this portal by selecting “Find a Loved One” from the gold button in the meta navigation at the top of the page.

The homepage also offers highlights of other services, funeral planning options, and James H. Cole events. Detailed information about our locations can also be found on the homepage, including links to Google Maps so you can easily get directions from your current location.

In the website’s footer at the very bottom of the page, you will find addresses and contact information for both of our chapels. This footer appears on every single page of the website, so this information is always available to you.

Navigating the Site

For more information about the services we provide, the “Our Services” and “Funeral Planning” navigation items are located in the header of our website. This navigation is “sticky,” meaning that it “sticks” to the top of the page, even when you scroll. The “Funeral Planning” navigation item is where you can find some of our most helpful documents and guides (such as the Funeral Planning Checklist).  

For even more resources – such as our video library, FAQs, and our blog – you can visit the “Resources” navigation item and select the relevant page from the dropdown menu that appears. This is a brand-new navigation category with a compiled list of all our additional resources that you may be interested in.

In addition, we’ve also implemented a Helpful Resources content block, which can be found on most pages of the website and is a great place to look for links, helpful tips, and essential PDF files.

Reach Out to Us

If at any time you have a question about our services or want to schedule an appointment to meet with a director, you can fill out our contact form, which you can navigate to by selecting “Contact Us” from the header and then choosing “Ask a Director.”

Make a Donation to Your Loved One’s Funeral

Death is unpredictable. We understand that circumstances may arise which prevent you from attending the funeral of a loved one. That’s why we’ve always offered a service that provides individuals the option to donate to the funeral of their loved one.

Knowing we wanted to keep this service in place on our new website, we created a new Donation page, which redirects to our e-commerce website, On this page, you’re able to send a donation in the amount of your choosing to your loved one’s funeral. You are even able to submit a message with your gift so you can tell your loved ones you are thinking about them.   

This is now a more user-friendly interface that you can use on your desktop or mobile device. And, to make payments even easier, we now accept PayPal.

In your time of need, we hope to be a helping hand, and we want our website to be a source of aid for you and your loved ones. We’re very happy with how our new site turned out, and we’re eager for you to explore all the new content available. Enjoying the new site? Let us know what you think! Visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@jameshcole).

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