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Posted on October 12, 2010 by jhcadm

Your Take On President Obama

Over the past few months, many organizations have made it one of their top priorities to make President Obama out to be a man who has failed his country. Many leaders in the black community have become increasingly critical of the President’s agenda as well.

Professor Cornel West stated he would like to see Obama more like Martin Luther King, Jr. saying “I know my dear brother, President Obama, has a bust of Martin King right there in the Oval Office, but the question is are is he going to be true to who that Martin Luther King, Jr., actually is? King was concerned about what? The poor. He was concerned about working people. He was concerned about quality jobs. He was concerned about quality housing.” (NPR 8/2/10)

Two years ago, in the midst of the “Yes We Can Campaign”, there were many promises made by President Obama that effectively united voters and brought a record setting number of citizens, from all demographics, out to vote. The question is: Is our president living up to those promises or was that just typical political baiting?

This is arguably one of the most difficult times for our nation, and in turn one of the most difficult times to be commander in chief. But despite this fact, we still must stay critical (and supportive) of our leaders, by availing ourselves of the democratic process.

Simply meaning: VOTE!

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